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Apricot Production in Turkey

Apricot Production in Turkey

Apricot Production in Turkey
Apricot Production in Turkey

Apricot farming is very developed in Turkey, especially in Igdir province of Malatya apricot growers and present, they are making organic apricot production. Apricot growers in Iğdır province export all their products in the season.
Iğdır’s climate is the East Anatolian terrestrial climate. The plains of Iğdır province are not affected much by the severe continental climate in other parts of Eastern Anatolia. The most important reason for this is the fact that it is low in relation to high areas such as Mount Ararat. The average annual temperature is 11.6 ° C in Iğdır city, which is in the Iğdır Plain, which forms a microclimate with its location. In Iğdır, which is an important stop on caravan routes, the economy is largely based on agriculture. It is important for apricot growers. Iğdırda apricot cultivation, which is one of the most important plant production areas in the Eastern Anatolia Region, has developed over time and apricot producers can find their products very easily in the foreign market.

Apricot Growers in Turkey

Importance of apricot; Nowadays, fruit growing is important. Apricot is one of the most important fruit species both in terms of human health and its contribution to national economy.
Apricot table, drying and other products are among the important agricultural export products of our country.
Have you ever thought about how apricots are grown? If every person needs some things to live, the apricot also has some wishes to keep up; temperature, water, fertilizer,
moisture etc.

Age Apricot Suppliers in Turkey

Apricot, whose homeland is Central Asia, Western China and Iran-Caucasia, is an important fruit species which is cultivated economically in many countries, especially in Mediterranean countries and in the world. The Latin name is Prunus armeniaca.
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Apricots are deep, well-permeable, well-ventilated, hot and rich in nutrients; sandy, loamy, humus is a fruit that loves the land. Trees form a strong, large, flat crown.
It can be sized up to 8-10 meters. The winter is cold, the letter is the fruit of warm climates. Apricots are fresh, dried or fruit juices which can be consumed all year round.
Apricot is a good source of income and is important for human health.
Apricot benefits for human health:
1) It ensures the regular operation of the brain, prevents fatigue and reduces stress.
2) Provides repair of damaged parts of the liver which is considered as the most important storage and laboratory of the body.
3) It plays an important role in making the bones much more smooth and sound.
4) It has the effect of being stronger and stronger.
5) Reduces stone formation of kidneys.
6) It has a protective effect against cancer.
7) Strengthens the heart muscles and ensures more regular operation.
8) Prevents anemia by increasing blood production, prevents ulceration of stomach and duodenum and treats ulcers.
9) Apricot content rich in potassium, sodium mineral is low and vitamin A is rich in core substance carotence plays an important role in balanced nutrition.
10) Reproductive system plays a positive role, increases sexual power.